We want to help female founders be the best they can be.



This is the first in a series of Female Founder Office Hours, staffed by female partners from a collective of VC firms. For our first event, we'll be focused on helping seed-stage female founders with their pitches. We'll be offering forty 1:1 office hour slots with 10 female VC partners from Benchmark, Canaan, Cowboy, Forerunner, Freestyle, Lux, Sequoia, and Reach. There will also be a talk by two former female founders-turned-VCs on how to fundraise, based on their experiences from both sides of the table. The event is also a great opportunity for female founders to meet, mingle, and share advice with one another. Our goal is for every female founder to walk away with a bit of advice from some female investors and a few new female founder friends that they can count on. We hope to use this to kickstart a virtuous cycle and community of women helping women.  


To join us, fill out this form. Tell us about your company, your background, what you hope to get out of office hours, and a link to your pitch deck. It's ok if your pitch isn't great, because the whole point of office hours is to get feedback on it! Feel free to include a video of yourself, but that's totally optional. Select the 3 people you most want a 1:1 with, and your application will be sent to those folks for review. 40 women will be selected for 1:1s, but we have room for 100 people to attend the event to mingle. If we get a lot of demand, we may schedule more events. For the first event we are seeking seed-stage founders, but in the future we'll host events for Series A, B, growth, etc. Women of color are especially encouraged to apply.


The idea for Female Founder Office Hours was born at a dinner of women in venture (the pic on the homepage is of that dinner). In discussing what would move the needle for women in tech, we felt an important ingredient was to help increase the number of successful women-led companies. We asked ourselves how we could accelerate the pace, and the clear answer was community. We ourselves were a small community of women in VC helping each other, and many of us are former female founders grateful to the founder communities that helped us as entrepreneurs. So we decided to band together to host group office hours, as a way to gather female founders and kickstart a virtuous cycle of women helping women.


We welcome feedback as we experiment and iterate on these events. We have plans for future office hours targeting Series A and growth stage companies in 2018, and will explore other topics across a variety of company stages and locations including Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York. We'd love to get more women VCs and female founders involved in hosting office hours. We’d also love to expand the program and partner with other groups of underrepresented minorities, intersectionalities, and allies. Long term, we'd love to turn this into a digital community.